Sunday, January 15, 2012

Race report - Bali!

Bali lured us for an end of year trip - but of course the swim, bike, run had to go on.
Here's our race report:
Carbo load. Red rice bread (simple carbs), balanced nicely with homemade butter (not sure what from - but there were a lotta monkeys nearby...)
Going over the (local) rules and regs with the locals. (How do you say "We are lost?" in Balinese???)

Pre-race meal the night before, lots of rice and protein. Though not sure Nigel would agree with the spicy sambal sauce. Not basic enough?
Warm up pool was perfect.

Swim leg around the island was..... circular.
The run through T1 was not quite so smooth.
Bike course was pretty spectacular in parts. Not many competitors caught for drafting.
Course markers were generally well located.
In other parts the bike course was quite technical, as this team demonstrates...
... and they made it safely through.
On-course support was A1.
Mechanical DNF: Simi's bike suffered a broken chain.
Broken spoke = Bike FAIL!
On-course supplements (read: enhancements), though illegal, were freely available.
Local support was incredible. Super friendly.
We LOVE the finisher's medals.
Ideal destination to have some post-race R&R.
Getting around the island with the local transport was a breeze. 
Following Nigel's advice, the post-race cool off was soothing. 
Post race massage!
The fall-out.
Still eating...

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