Thursday, March 3, 2011

1.83 days to go! Bring it, Taupo!

It's amazing here.
After arriving after 9pm last night following a long day of travelling and trying to interpret funny NZ road signs (more on that later) we awoke to the most beautiful view: the clear waters of Lake Taupo framed by some spectacular mountain scenery.
This view barged into the living room when we awoke on Day 2

Craning our necks to the right of our balcony we can see the last of the buoys that we'll swim around, and back to Transition zone. Funny, because the sight of the swim leg usually sends my heart into a flurry of nervous activity.

After changing a mysteriously dud inner tube (thank god it happened before the race) we took off for a gentle spin on the bike, more to check that everything was ok following the trip over and we hadn't missed anything when we put them together late last night. Don't fancy a wheel coming off when we're flying down the side of a mountain - actually, that would really make us fly into the nearest tree.

Simi demonstrating her bendiness - and the camel-like carrying abilities of Mary the Merida
Right near our hotel about 2km from Transition is the start of the big climb. So I took a spin up there too - not bad at all - just to smooth out any nerves from unknowns that might build before race start. We'll be fine there.
We've checked in at registration, dipped our wetsuits in the 'Dydimo' solution (to prevent nasties getting into NZ waterways) and weighed in so they can do a fandangled study on how much we stupid competitors use up on race day. I took a slow stroll down the final run chute to visualise this last part of the race so that I'm working towards it on race day. If only, if only....

We're now at the event centre by the lake, about to drive the cycle course so we're more familiar with it.

Getting excited....!
Brett & Simi
Dipping our wetsuits in a 'special' solution to prevent dydimo - some bug that gets into the waterways.
Getting wristbanded - our access pass for the next 3 days. Pretty scary to think that we won't be taking it off until AFTER the big race.
Whereas in my case it was to prove I was out on day relesase.
The weigh in. We're either going to drop a few or stack it on.....
Stack it on for sure!
Testing the timing chip. We have the technology!
Visualising running (or hobbling) down the finisher's chute for race day (or night!)
Our destination. Simi decided not to stand or walk under this until the real thing. Don't blame her. It felt strangely ominous standing here....

Local Maori troupe revving us up at the thursday night carbo party. Very inspirational.
... if not a little daunting!

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