Sunday, February 27, 2011

Always a song playing...

You know when a song gets stuck in your head? (Yeah we've told you about this one before! It's a recurring theme). Well sometimes it's like a sbroken record - or your iPod on repeat (who has records anymore?!).

These are some of the tracks that have been doing a few laps in our heads lately. All for good reason, as you'll find out.

The Wombats - Jump into the Fog.
This one just makes you get out of bed and into gear. 

 Illy's "It can wait" was literally stuck on repeat on that 42 degree day. I was even catching myself singing out loud as the sun was burning off the heat haze all around me - "Happiness, happiness is fine when it's momentary, a momentary lapse of reality...". I think we had a permanent lapse of good sense that day. 

Mark Ronson "The Bike Song". When you hear the chorus kick in, substitute it with "Gonna ride my bike until til my butt hurts".

As they say on Triple J, "This is my new song husband!". From Architecture in Helsinki, this is Contact High. Wait for the keychange.....!

Naked and Famous - Punching in a Dream. Another get up n go track. Do it!

Gotye - Eyes Wide Open. Apart from the fact that it's got some beautifullly laden harmonies, there's something about the lyrics that has got under our skin: "We walk the plank, with our eyes wide open". Maybe the trepidation of doing something that challenges you, but with full consciousness and commitment - or something like that :)

Ke$ha - We R who We R
Ok, so a chick that likes 2 use sms wrds doesn't usually get my vote, but as Simi will confirm, I go nuts when this track comes on. I think I first heard it in a spin class at the gym and I was on top of the world. Then I had to come home and play it on repeat. So not an accidental choice.
OMG wat's happng 2 me?!

The soundtrack continues....

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