Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fuel for the body; delight for the soul

You gotta eat, right? Right!!!

In your day-to-day life the average person burns about 1,200-1,600 calories. During an Ironman race the average competitor burns about 10,000 calories, and up to about the same amount during training sessions each week leading up to the event. 

So we gotta eat!!! This is honestly one of the best things about doing this. Eating with impunity. Load on the carbs, bring on the protein - or in other words, gimme lots of pasta, heaps of fish and steak and chips and pizza (ok, maybe not recommended by the best in the game, but try stop us!). For some reason we crave vanilla milkshakes post workout too... but I digress.

Food - or 'fuel', or 'nutrition' - is something that we kind of have to plan carefully. Not because we're being nerdy about it - but because we need LOTS of it, as you'll see. 

Simi taking delivery of a box full of Powerbar gel shots - little jubey things with stacks of carbs that you chew on during long rides. Otherwise we'd probably fall off our bikes after 6 hours.

Powdered sports drink (2kg bags). This is what we'll be supplied with on course during the event (thankfully already mixed!) so we're getting used to it now. Don't worry, this will only last a few weeks!

Carbs for a 7hr ride. Getting very much over flavours like "apple burst" and "verlicious vanilla".

We filled these bottles for both of us for the 7hr ride, but each of us drank the equivalent of more than what's here on the table (8-9lts).

Another delivery. All the goodies for our cycle...

Ok, so this isn't really compulsory fuel, but if you know me you'll know that coffee is absolutely essentially part of my day - no, my life! This is THE best coffee in South Australia, from Cibo's. I steal some time here on Saturday morning's with the paper when Simi's doing her rounds at the hospital just around the corner.

Protein! Absolutely necessary for muscle recovery, post-workout. They reckon you should consume food in as close to its natural state as possible.... not kidding!

Wedges, salt & pepper squid, and vanilla milkshake after the Canberra Half Ironman in December. It was about 3pm and I'm sure we were fast asleep about 30mins after this photo was taken.

Pasta so good you it doubles as lipstick....

But a meal is most definitely not a meal (especially pasta) without fat-cut sourdough bread with fat-spreaded butter. Layer upon layer of the stuff.

Doing the packed lunch - for the week. This thing has turned us into time-chasing creatures. Set a record last week....

This could almost go caption-less. A meal at Bill and Toni's on Stanley St is absolute bliss: freebie bread (and butter) and cordial. Bottomless. And when you add this to Sydney's most bellissimo lasagna.... Mmmmmm!

Ok, definitely digressing but can't go past the sausage sandwich at the weekly Sunday Bondi markets.

Our mates in the pantry. We don't discriminate.

Carb loading before my first Half Ironman, at Yepoon, QLD in Aug. Yum!

Simi loading up the on-board sambo's for the next day's race. That's a mountain of carbs right there.

If you ever get to Adelaide, and have your bike with you, head straight for MacLaren Vale near the hills. Stop off at the idyllically located Info centre in the middle of the vineyards and take your caffeine, carbs and protein amongst the vines before moving on - or turning back.

Need I say more. Supporting the local beef industry.

Hmmm, not sure about this one. Budget healthy eating a.k.a. when you're in the mood for nothing special???

Ahhhh! Something special! Even if it's travelled across the globe to get here. We're offsetting the carbon by cycling..... does that count?

This is here as a warning. Don't ever order the laksa from Sydney airport unless you forgot your veggie oil and need to buy in bulk. If you need any other SYD or ADL do's or don't's, just ask us because we're in the know!

Ok so this one's marginal. Not really necessary for the pro athlete, BUT we WERE in training for the half marathon and we felt it WAS necessary to perform our civic duty and find Australia's best meat pie. We're still on the case.....

Hmmm, how does this fit in.....
How can it NOT fit in!!!
This is Gusto's, Bondi's heartbeat and the best coffee and veggie brekky roll in town, best served take-away even if you have it there. Also best if you're dripping saltwater from the sea onto your toasted banana bread.....

The last word!

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