Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"I'm only happy when it raaaaiiins"

"I'm only happy when it raaaiins". If you were walking along the drenched Bondi Beach this evening during the torrential downpour, you would've likely passed a guy drenched from head to toe - but whistling this tune and smiling with his eyes at the same time.

I'd rushed home with enough time to fit in a routine 1hr swim followed by 1hr run. Diving in, the water was a beautiful 22 deg. and I set out on my target of 3km, marking my times every 6th lap.

Although still a sunny afternoon, the Icebergs complex bathed the pool in a nice shadow. Eventually I made my way over to the outside lane (no other swimmers) which was right by the sea. Nice and windy, causing a bit of chop on the water (makes for a less boring swim!). As I turned each lap I noticed the dark storm front coming in from the sea. Contrasted beautifully with the way the houses across at Ben Buckler were all lit up in evening sun.

Before I knew it the rain was coming down in sheets - and that's because I didn't know it! Because it all looked the same underwater where I was spending most of my eye-time. Such a liberating feeling, to be out in the downpour but loving it - especially when I only had 300m left and I was feeling strong.

I clicked off the 3ks at 58:55, giving me the much needed confidence I'll be able to do race distance 3.8ks in under 2hrs. I sprang out of the pool, sauntered up to my running gear (now wet through and through from the rain), put it all on and walked out of the bergs.

I was whistling away, the warm ground under my bare feet barely cooled by the rain. But what I can't understand is this: why on earth did the tune pop into my head? It was absolutely fitting, but I'd not searched it out...
I was probably the only bloke walking along the near empty beach during the downpour, whistling and smiling away. What a joy. What a way to spend a wet evening.

Now I'll sleep like a pig.

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