Friday, January 14, 2011

The 'what?'

Ironman-distance triathlon is an endurance event consisting of a 3.8km swim....

followed directly by a 180km cycle ...

then a marathon run of 42km...

- in other words gut-busting and social life depleting!

Competitors are given up to 17hrs to complete the race (usually 0700 to midnight), with the winners crossing the line in under 9hrs - depending on the location and the terrain and conditions on the day.

At last count there are about 24 official Ironman distance events around the world, from Texas to China, South Africa to Brazil, and the legendary world championships at Kona in Hawaii. Known for its enduring conditions (hot, dry and windy through the lava fields of the Hawaiian island) the event attracts the top competitors from all over the world who gain entry only by winning top spots at the 24 other events - or by lottery and even 4 slots via eBay where the minimum bid is $10,000 and winning slots go for up to $40,000 with proceeds going to charity. (

Any given event will attract competitors and their supporters from all around the world to participate in an event that was said to originate to determine who was fitter: the swimmer, the cyclist or the runner.

As you'll see from our experience, it's as much a test of willpower, determination and even stubbornness as you set out to achieve a goal.

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