Sunday, February 20, 2011

Back on my bike

Well it has been a week of doing not too much in the way of exercising. Brett  has been off sick with a bad case of man flu. So we have both been resting up.

We went for a little cycle of 2 hours yesterday. I felt strong with little pain when cycling. It was only painful to get off and on the bike. A few yelps form me here and there but a swift manoeuvre of the leg over the bike seat and it is done. Kinda like the ripping off a band-aid.  Running unfortunately is still off the cards for the time being.

I think that swimming is the order of the day for the next few days. That and learning how to change my tyre. I have yet to master this skill. I will maybe try a run later in the week.

Packed up my bike affectionately called Mary; sometimes  Scary Mary when I ride her fast (usually when going down a hill), for the last time so that we could get her back to Sydney.

I am coming home to Sydney for good next Saturday, then off to New Zealand for a bit of fun!!

Brett has an appointment with a male beautician, he is keen to rid himself of all lower limb hair. Why you may ask??? A very good and reasonable question I would think.  Some say it is to make the legs look more defined and appealing, others say that it is to make an injury more easily cleaned whilst others claim it makes rubbing in the sunscreen a lot easier...but I reckon there is something more to it. Whatever it is, he will  soon no longer be Mr Murphy, but Ms Murphy. I am so looking forward to that :(

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