Sunday, February 6, 2011

Post Swimming Pig Out

Many people have asked why I sign up for these stupidly long and painful triathlons. I think one of the major reasons is because I LOVE to eat yummy foods.

Today I had my scheduled swim. Just 50 minutes. Nothing too long or hard. I was sooo hungry afterwards that I stopped by at a local Thai restaurant and ate double what a normal person would eat.

Swimming, unlike the running and the cycling, always makes me super hungry. Apparently swimming in cooler temperatures stimulates your appetite centre and makes you eat probable more than you burn off. Lucky this is a 3 discipline race otherwise I would be a little larger than so desired.

“A group of 11 men exercised for 45 minutes in "neutral" and "cold" water temperatures. After the workout, they were allowed to eat as much food as they wanted.
The men burned a similar number of calories in the cold and neutral water conditions, averaging 505 and 517 calories, respectively. However, calorie intake after exercise in the cold water averaged 877 calories, which was 44% more than for the neutral temperature.”

Perhaps there is an argument for swimming in more temperate waters, Bahamas perhaps?

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