Sunday, February 6, 2011

The ridiculous! (Warning: offensive language!)

Quite often we get blank stares when we tell people what our weekend plans are:
"Tonight it's a 3k swim, then tomorrow a 7hr cycle followed by 6k run, then Sunday a 2.5hr cycle and an ocean swim".

But it's not at all joyless - quite the opposite in fact. We've had a lot of laughs along the way and it's the good times that make it all the more enjoyable.

Bondi Beach: the safest place in Sydney. Brett couldn't remember where he'd left his water bottle (bidon) until we found it the next morning on top of his car - where he'd left it the night before. Sweet! (Though the real question was whether it was safe to drink the warm contents!)

When packing up after a race weekend in QLD the gravity in the room did a funny thing... Simi had to compensate to get her bike into the box.

The yellow sign says "Warning, dangerous currents. Do not swim here!" which happened to be the place of the swim start the next day at Port Macquarie Half Ironman. Nice!

Who needs a family of three when you've got bikes!

Doing the bike-lift tango!

Foot massage on Bondi Rd. All was blissful until I remembered I'd just done a beach run and my feet were covered in blisters.

Essentials for the office.

Goggle eyes

Goggle eye. It's the new look in Adelaide, apparently.

What the?!

Not the same ride - but what does it matter?! This little fella was curled up... on the cycle path.

Adelaidian humour. Priceless!

He's got more iron than I do!

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