Monday, February 14, 2011

A right pain in the...BUTT

I have had a few falls off my bike, especially when I first started riding. They usually were as a result of me being not able to un-clip my shoes. This would usually result in me ungraciously falling over to the side and landing onto my thigh. Nothing hurt except for my pride.

Over the weekend whilst trying to complete the 180km I fell whilst going up a hill. The road was slippery because of the rain and my back wheel just slid from under me and I just somehow landed on my behind. Prior to this I was having one of my best rides ever. I had completed 160 km and felt on top of the world. My speed was good and I knew that I would finish the 180km in under 7 hours. I had always thought that anywhere around 8 hours would leave me enough time for the marathon run to follow. I was determined to finish my last big ride on Saturday, so after I sat on the road and made sure nothing was broken, I got back on my bike. Unfortunately I just managed to do another 10km before I gave up; too much pain. I rang Brett, who had already finished and he came and rescued me.

I was meant to run yesterday but was unable so went for a swim instead. My butt just hurts and it is hard to sit in one place for too long, or roll over in bed or get into and out of cars or stand up.

It is Monday today, and instead of going to work, I visited a sports physician who has then referred me to a chiropractor. I will meet him tomorrow morning.

I just hope things heal up quick smart so that in just under 3 weeks I can keep going for the 15,16 or 17 hours that it will take me to finish this journey.

Here's to running this week and getting back on my bike..

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  1. Simi was really killing it - we were riding on our own to simulate race day and she was only minutes behind me, the whole day. And she was smiling each time we passed each other.

    Keep up your smiling, Simi. Your pain in the butt will get better and you'll be smiling all day on the 5th, promise x