Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cravings - yum!

This is the closest I'll get to being pregnant (thank God, you say!).

We've both been having some insane cravings lately, but luckily they're mostly after a training session.
You've already heard about our frozen coke fantasies, especially during last weekend's crazy heat. But it doesn't stop there:
  • Vanilla milshakes were the original devil. After a big cycle we'd have the usual big meal and a drink... but then before we knew it we'd be down at the local cafe ordering up big. A big vanilla milkshake that would go down in a gulp. Yum. 
  • a BIG steak. Thick, sizzling n juicy (for me), or cooked through and through (for Simi). Mashed potato compulsory. Not sure if there's iron or protein or vitamin C or even carbs in the steak (just kidding) but it seems our bodies just need it. All of it. 
  • Yum. The makings of part of a delish dish!
  • ice cream. Whether it's a 50c soft serve, or even a large caramel sundae from Macca's (you get topping on the bottom too - does that even make sense???), a meal's not complete til we've demolished it down to the last crumble of the cone.
  • Pizza - enough said. Guilt free, the best flavour!
  • Coke - different to the post-training frozen variety, coke during a ride (or as Simi will tell you, a flat coke during the run leg of a race) is just beeeeewdiful. I crave the coke during the ride and treat it as a reward for X km. And a reward it is. 
  • Macca's - a mighty Angus burger or, even just today, I was craving a quarter pounder. You know, lots of melted cheeeeese, juicy meat, sauce.... It's enough to make my eyes glaze over. Salt. Lots of it. I'll salt anything these days, even the cokes and ice creams. Salt, salt, salt!!! (Seeing as we sweat out cakes of the stuff, it kind of makes sense!).
This is pure salt - formed on the clothes I wore during a recent Half Ironman. No wonder we want to put it back in!

  • Last but far from least, WATER. My god, this stuff is seriously one of life's luxuries. And we don't even appreciate it most of the time. During a long run I did recently, I spent the last 45 minutes fantasising about water. Dreaming about hopping over someone's fence and guzzling mouthfuls of water from the backyard tap. 

  • When that water finally quenches your thirst it's the most magical thing.

    I was in such a dream state on the final metres of my run that when a mate of mine recognised me and yelled out "Hey Brett", it took me more than a few moments to work out where I was, what I was doing and who he might be. I was off the planet.

    I don't crave beer yet. The Beer Mile will sort that out.
    Stay tuned.

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