Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Beer Mile

Maybe it's because we just gotta keep racing, even after it's all over. Maybe it's to make up for all the times we've had to turn down a drink after work, or a night out, or decide against that glass of wine with dinner.

Whatever the reason, there's no avoiding the traditional post-race BEER MILE.

What is it?

It's exactly that - a mile of beer, usually taking place the day after the race. Competitors line up on the starting line (preferably at a 400m athletics track), and commence proceedings by skulling a stubby of beer.

Only when your drink is downed (usually confirmed by technical officials) you then proceed to complete a lap (400m) and put away another beer.



Repeat. Until you have completed 1600m and 4 beers.
Some 6-pack proponents even claim to warm up and cool down with a beer. Not sure if this is humanly possible.

Why all of this????

Who knows. But it's guaranteed to make our stomachs turn and sore limbs cry for help.
Will we do it? Brett: unlikely. Simi: definitely.

Lay your bets now......

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